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Oct 10, 2012 5:00pm EDT
..." (clinton youtube video) (1:25) "there is no ustification for responding to this video ith violence." (10:00) (chavvetz) ""o suggest that misleading and pattenly false." p deeocrats saa thee republican congressman who's condemning the governments actions....haa aamotive of his a reason for this rush nd it has to ooa lot more with jason chhffetz political objectives than a serious look the white house playing it's - political games... and putting people's lives at risk. (6:188 (raw interview) "the obama administration wanted the appearance f normallzation as ssiftly as possible rather than security dictating security. i'm political decisions...." one month after the attack in libya.....there''sa political war being waged in the u-s. jeff abell, reporting. you can listen to the entire congressman jason chaffetz's innerview.go to fox balttmore dottcom... click on vote 2012 under hot topics. and here's our questioo of the . you think the state ddpartment ignored warnings libya? 3 paul writes on our facebook page..."anything is poosible when it comms to the u-s gooern" government." and
Oct 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
senator he and hillary clinton introduced a bill to allow workers to have greater notice and now doesn't want to comply with the law because the notices fall before the election and here's the most disturbing fact. what sequestration does to our national security and this president has not shown adership, and i'm deeply concerned. he should be leading the effort now in congress to resolve this. >> chris: we have less than a minute left and i'd like you to share it equally. early indications, after the debate, that romney got some kind of bump in the polls, i would ask you both, briefly, 30 seconds, each, governor, where does the race stand now. >> i think we have three more debates coming up, one of which is the vice presidential campaign. where paul ryan has been very specific about what he'd do in a budget, and that is the budget that would be bad for our economy, and bad for job growth, and, it would increase taxes on 18 million people, and, so, we have a few more rounds to go, on the fight where we saw, the first one was an energized performance, big bird meets the big lies a
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
... raising mooey for his campaign. campaignnhe and former president bill clinton will meet with several high-dollar donnrs to attend a 20-thousand doolar a plate dinner... before heading to san francisco tomorroo. romney heads south today... for a speech at the virginia pilitary institute.romney has planned... focused on the ech middle east. one person is dead...affer a huueefighh breaks out a &pphilaelphia hotel..and it's all caaght on tape. tape.nats of fight! fiiht! a 15-year-old caputured it on his ceel phone... from the balcony oo the sheraton society hill hotel.the fiiht parties.police say an arguement started in the otel bar... and escalted. escalted.when it was ll over .. a bride was punchee.. aad her 57-year old uncle diid of a heart attack... hoors after the brawl. threeepeople cited for crimes.police believe alcohol could be a factor. you may need a jacket as you hhad out this morning ... ...but don't put away those tank tops just yet!when you can expect warrer temperatures. pemperatures. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. local.. all morning.. & barnhill: you hear a lot o
Oct 8, 2012 5:30am EDT
--housand people attended tte show. president obama and forrer president bill clinton will also meet with several high-dollar donors to attend aa 20--housand dollaa a plaae dinner... before heading to san francisco's expected thh obama campaign will raise nearly 9-and-a-half milllon dollars over tto days. republican challenger mitt romney heads south today... for a speech at the virginia military institute.romney has a major foreign policy speech pllnned... focused on the middle east.he's expected to say that the u-s should take a more assertive position on the conflict in syria.... and strennthen sanctions on iran. governoo marrin o'malley and new hampshirr senator kelly ayyte battled it out on fox &pblame for the bad economy. o'malleyyargued that president obama inherited a huge claimed he's only made it o'malley says: "we still have &pa long way to go..and speakin of fdr, no president since him bigger unemployment and bigger deficits nd more wars than president obama, was, by the failed policies of george w. bush, hich resulted in directly, the greatest ob losses since fdr.
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am EDT
say, no, it was secretary clinton. the state department that you ought to be looking at and talking to and criticizing or questioning here, as opposed to us, in the white house. i'm not sure that that is sustainable, frankly, i think that the buck does stop at the -- in the oval office. and, you know, we'll see, on top of that, though, more important is, two weeks after the attacks the president of the united states stood in the well of the united nations and talked about the youtube video six times and did not say that these attacks were an act of terrorism. or a terrorist attack. but again continued for -- in six different instances citing a youtube video. >> chris: what is behind all of this? does the -- does governor romney believe that the president is engaged in a political cover-up? >> governor romney believes in order for us as a country to be more secure we need to learn from the lessons here of benghazi, we need to know what happens, going into the terrorist attacks and, what happened after. >> chris: you are ducking my question, which is, why does he think that the admini
Oct 11, 2012 9:00pm EDT
together with a former clinton budget director. this idea came from the clinton commission to save medicare. here's the point. if we do not fix this problem pretty soon, current seniors get cut. here's the problem. 10,000 people are retiring y single day in america and the will for 20 years. >> if we -- if they allow medicare to bargain for the cost of drugs like medicaid can, that would save $156 billion right off the bat. seniors are not denied. they're not denied. all you seniors out there, have you been denied choices? have you lost medicare a bandage? -- advantage? >> why not slowly braised the eligibility age -- raise the eligibility age by two years? >> i was one of eight people sitting in the room that included toenail negotiating with president reagan -- to negotiating with president reagan. we made the system solvent to 2033. we will not be part of any voucher plan. the voucher says, when your 65 commercial for the best insurance to can get, you are out of medicare. it will not keep pace with health care costs because it did keep pace, there would be no savings. that is w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6